Call for Posters

Call for posters

In the course of the International Encounters, we would like to devote  extra space to free presentations of experiences related to the themes addressed in the workshops, plenary sessions or field visits. These posters will highlight initiatives, structures, projects, organizations, research results, etc. on agrosilvopastoralism in the Mediterranean. They will be displayed in the various venues of the International Encounters and will allow discussion between their authors and  participants.


Deadline for submission of proposals (pdf format): September 15th, 2017

Return date of selection committee: October 2nd, 2017

The posters will be deposited at the reception of the RIAAM on the first day of the Meetings: October 17th, 2017

Terms of presentation

Language: Poster in English or French (RIAAM languages).

Contact: The e-mail address of the main author and his/her institution/organization must be indicated on the poster.

Format: The posters should be printed by the author in A0 format (1189 × 841 mm). They will be posted at the various locations of the International Encounters on display boards (please provide eyelets).


For further informations and to send your posters, please contact Alice Garnier : algarnier[at]