Overview of the Ecounters

The International Encounters in a nutshell

The RIAAM are conceived as a milestone in Mediterranean agrosilvopastoralism. They bring together a broad spectrum of practitioners, researchers and territorial managers around a common aim for collaboration.

Building on the results obtained by the recent LIFE + project “MIL’OUV”, and the management experience of a UNESCO property “The Causses & the Cévennes”, these International Encounters raise in a broader manner key issues faced by agrosilvopastoral systems.

The International Meetings aim at stimulating strategic reflection combining various sectorial issues: economic, social, environmental, patrimonial and also multi-scalar—from local to international—through regional and national bodies.


1 - Opening Session
2 - Field visits
3 - Thematic Workshops
4 - Discussing Public Policies - Round Tables
5 - Discussion of future actions in favor of agrosilvopastoralism and the coordination of these

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Evening Meeting

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